The Team

We are always looking for highly motivated students to join our lab at the Ph.D. level.  If you have a M.S. degree (or equivalent research experience) and if you are already fluent in GIS, computer programming, and MATLAB, please contact Diego for details. The earlier you contact us (e.g., 6 mo or 1 yr in advance), the better, as it will give us a chance to seek funding together.  Send along your CV and a two-page research statement.

Why get a Ph.D.?
Read this excellent graduate school survival guide written years ago by a former graduate student at UNC-Chapel Hill.


  • Diego Riveros-Iregui is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at Carolina. He is interested in watershed science, forest and soil processes, ecosystem ecology, and landscape biophysical responses to environmental change.  He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on the biophysical responses of the environment to hydrology and human-induced change.
    Curriculum Vitae
    Google Scholar Profile.


  • Joseph Delesantro, Ph.D. Student (Ecology)
    B.S., M.S., (2012), University of Florida.
  • Andrew Murray, Ph.D. Student (Geography). B.S., M.S., (2015), University of Cincinnati. Geography
  • Madelyn Percy, Ph.D. Candidate (Geological Sciences, co-advised with Larry Benninger).
    B.A. (2009) UT Austin. Geosciences (major), Anthropology (major)
  • Sarah Schmitt, Ph.D. Candidate and Kenan Graduate Fellow (Geography)
    B.S. (2014) Elon University. Environmental Science (major), Biology (minor), Professional Writing (minor).


  • Meredith Emery, B.A. Student (Honors), Studio Art (major), Geography (minor)
  • William Hamilton, B.S. Student, Environmental Science, Computer Science (minor)
  • Sarah McQueen, B.S. Student, Biology (major)
  • Rhyan Stone, B.S. Student, Environmental Science


  • Kriddie Whitmore, B.S. Biology (2011), B.A. Geology (2011), Guilford College.
    M.S. Forestry (2016), Virginia Tech
  • Aleah Walsh, B.S. (2016), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Geology


  • Liyin Liang (former post-doc). now Research Scientist, University of Waikato, New Zealand
  • Theresa Lorenzo (M.S. 2014). now Ph.D. student, Arizona State University
  • Colin Peake (M.S. 2014). now Hydrologist, U.S. Geological Survey
  • William Avery (B.S. 2013). now Ph.D. student, University of Wisconsin
  • Catie Finkenbiner (B.S. 2014). now Ph.D. student, Oregon State University
  • Morgan Betcher (B.S. Honors 2014)
  • Camilo Peña (Visiting Scholar), now Soil Scientist, Colombian state agency
  • Adam Gold (B.S. 2015), now Ph.D. student University of North Carolina
  • Catherine Schumak (B.S. 2016), now M.S. student University of Wisconsin
  • Courtney Scogging (B.S. 2016), now researcher at LabCorp
  • Erin Vanderjeugdt (B.S. 2016), now technician at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • Emily Browning, (B.S.P.H. Honors 2018), now M.S. student at University of North Carolina
  • Rebecca Chaisson, (B.A. 2018)
  • Wesley Collier, (2018) B.S. Student, now B.S. Student at NC State University
  • Haley Moser, (B.S., B.A. 2018)