The Team

The Carbonshed Lab welcomes applications from highly motivated students to join our lab at the Ph.D. level. If you have a M.S. degree (or equivalent research experience) and if you are already fluent in GIS, computer programming, and MATLAB, please contact Diego for details. The earlier you contact us (e.g., 6 mo or 1 yr in advance), the better, as it will give us a chance to seek funding together.  Send along your CV and a two-page research statement.

Why get a Ph.D.?
Read this excellent graduate school survival guide written years ago by a former graduate student at UNC-Chapel Hill.


  • Diego Riveros-Iregui received his B.S. in geosciences from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (1999), M.S. in geology from the University of Minnesota (2004), and Ph.D. in ecology and environmental sciences from Montana State University (2008). He was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Colorado Boulder (2008-2010) and an assistant professor at the University of Nebraska (2010-2013) before relocating to UNC (2013-present).

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  • Kriddie Whitmore, Ph.D. student (Geography)
    B.S. Biology (2011), B.A. Geology (2011), Guilford College.
    M.S. Forestry (2016), Virginia Tech


  • Chloe Hall


  • None at the Moment

ALUMNI (Post-Graduate and Graduate)

  • Andrew Murray (Ph.D. 2023). Dissertation Title: Groundwater Vulnerability in the United States: Identifying Inequitable Contaminants and Water Sources. Now: Scientist, Office of Research and Development, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Jayne Willard, M.A. (2023). Thesis Title: Leave it to Beavers: A Comparison of Nutrient Export between Beaver Ponds and Human-Engineered Retention Ponds in Southeastern Urban Watersheds. B.S. Environmental Science (2022), B.A., Biology (2022), UNC-Chapel Hill. Now: Hydrologist, National Park Service
  • Joseph Delesantro (Ph.D. 2021). Dissertation Title: Urbanization controls on nutrient loading along the rural to urban gradient of the NC Piedmont. Now: Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Virginia.
  • Sarah Schmitt (Ph.D. 2018, NSF Graduate Research Fellow). Dissertation Title: The Role of Fog in the Hydrological Functioning of Tropical Island Ecosystems. Now Senior Scientist, Applied Research Associates
  • Camilo Peña (M.S. 2015, National University of Colombia). Now Soil scientist, Colombian state agency
  • Theresa (Tracie) Lorenzo (M.S. 2014, University of Nebraska-Lincoln). Thesis Title: Hydrologic Mediation of the Spatial and Temporal Variability of the Soil CO2 Stable Isotopic Composition in a Subalpine Watershed. Now Ph.D. student, Arizona State University
  • Colin Peake (M.S. 2014, University of Nebraska-Lincoln). Thesis Title: Evaluation of Evaporative Drivers and Hydrologic Influences using Energy and Water Budget Techniques at a Shallow Saline Lake in the Western Sandhills of Nebraska, USA. Now Hydrologist, USGS – Urbana, IL.
  • Dr. Liyin Liang Post-doctoral Research Associate (2011-2013, University of Nebraska-Lincoln). Now Senior Scientist at Landcare Research, New Zealand

ALUMNI (Undergraduate)

  • William Avery (B.S. 2013, UNL). now Ph.D. student, University of Wisconsin
  • Morgan Betcher (B.S. Honors 2014)
  • Emily Browning, (B.S.P.H. Honors 2018), M.S. (2019) at University of North Carolina. Now Fulbright Scholar in Spain
  • Rebecca Chaisson, (B.A. 2018). Now at U.S. Forest Service
  • Wesley Collier, (B.S. Student, 2018) transferred to NC State
  • Tessa Davis, B.S. Environmental Science (2021), Biology (minor), Spanish (minor). Now Lab Manager (UNC) and NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Meredith Emery, B.A. (Honors), Studio Art (2020), Geography (minor), now MFA student and Beineke Scholar
  • Megan Essig, B.S. Environmental Science (2022)
  • Anayancy Estacio-Manning, B.A. Global Studies (2020), Environmental Studies (minor). Now grad school at Penn State University
  • Kayla Emerson, B.S. 2023 Environmental Sciences (major), Geographic Information Systems (minor), Food Studies (minor). Graduated Highest Honors. Now intern at US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Elizabeth Farquhar, B.S. 2021 Environmental Science (major), Marine Science (minor), Spanish (minor). Now graduate school UNC Wilmington
  • Catie Finkenbiner (B.S. 2014, UNL). now Ph.D. student, Oregon State University
  • Natalie Gauger, B.A. (2021) Environmental Studies (major), Urban Planning (minor). Now Venture for America Fellow
  • Adam Gold (B.S. 2015), now post-doctoral researcher at University of North Carolina
  • William Hamilton, (B.S. 2019), Environmental Science, Computer Science (minor). Graduated with Highest Honors. Now U.S. Geological Survey
  • Maribel Herrera, B.S. (2020) Environmental Science, B.A. Geography
  • Amy Madrigal, B.A. (2023) Environmental Studies
  • Quentin McCalla, B.S. (2022) Geosciences. Now Graduate School, Arizona State University
  • Katie McMahon, B.A. (2021) Geography and Global Studies (double major). Graduated Highest Honors. Now NSF GRFP fellow in the Ph.D. program at UC Santa Barbara
  • Sarah McQueen, (B.S. 2019). Biology. Graduated with Honors. Now Medical School
  • Dylan Morgan, B.S. Environmental Science (2022). Now GIS analyst, City of Raleigh
  • Haley Moser, (B.S. Environmental Science, B.A. Geography 2018) now Research Analyst at Wine Intelligence
  • Tianzhen Nie, (B.S. 2019) Environmental Science
  • Megan Raisle, B.A. Environmental Studies (2020), Geography (minor)
  • Chloe Schneider, B.S. (2020) Environmental Science, B.A. (2020) Geography. Now at Environmental Defense Fund
  • Catherine Schumak (B.S. 2016), now Ph.D. student at Colorado State University
  • Courtney Scogging (B.S. 2016), now researcher at LabCorp
  • Nehemiah Stewart, B.S. (2021) Chemistry, B.S. Math. Now M.D./Ph.D. program at University of North Carolina
  • Rhyan Stone, (B.S. 2019) Environmental Science, now Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
  • Erin Vanderjeugdt (B.S. 2016), now at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • Aleah Walsh, B.S. (2016), now M.S. student University of North Carolina
  • Daniela Zarate, B.S. (2023) Environmental Sciences